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Property: Return on Investment

2019 Prosperity plans: Invest in a clear return on investment option

Finding the correct investment to make your money grow might not always be easy. Investing your hard-earned cash is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. There are many types of short-and-long term investment opportunity available on the market. However, it is best to invest in the opportunity that will yield the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

Buying property is one of the best long-term investments you can make. With the current growth of the South African population, housing will always be in demand. A Home Loan or Bond is normally registered over a period of ±20 years. During these 20 years you can choose to pay a bit more on your home loan amount and have the property paid off over a shorter period of time.

You will find year-on-year that the value of your property will increase, resulting in a beneficial ROI when you choose to finally sell.  But remember: Location is everything!  Do your homework and make sure you choose to invest in an area that is currently showing long term growth and development. You can also determine how close your property is to schools, shopping hubs and parks before buying.

Secondly you need to find a professional company that can assist you in the process of home loan application.  Pre-qualification will enable you to know what amount you will be able to afford. To find out if you qualify, kindly follow this link: https://paynelessbonds.co.za/apply-for-a-loan/

At No cost to You, Payneless Bonds can assist with the following professional services:

  • New Loan
  • Further Loans on your Existing Property
  • Building Loan
  • Insurance Referral
  • Commercial Finance Referral

We will:

  • Represent you, the buyer
  • Pre-Qualify you for a bond
  • Once Pre-Qualified, submit on your behalf, to the Banks in South Africa to obtain a bond

We will assist clients in getting their documentation in order and work towards buying property.

Once all documentation is in place, we will source the best home loan suitable to your needs and requirements and negotiate the best possible interest rate. We will help you through the home buying process, giving you our best advice every step of the way.


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